About the Centre

Established in 2001, the centre undertakes world-class research supporting sustainable development into the broad areas of spatial data infrastructures, spatial enablement and land administration.

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Our team includes internationally renowned professors, research fellows and graduate students from all around the world. We have strong ties with our industry and with international academic visitors and collaborators.

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Professor Rajabifard was invited by Chillian Ministry of National property for delivering the keynote for the "international Seminar on Building Society with Geospatial Information" in Santiago. Additionally, as part of this trip, he met with a number of authorities (in particular the national office for emergency) and universities.

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Access a selection of our publications, including research papers, theses, newsletters and books.

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CSDILA is a globally engaged, comprehensive research Centre, uniquely positioned to address society’s major social, economic and environmental challenges toward building a sustainable future.

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Skills Programs

We offer world-leading programs at graduate research levels to both Australian and international students, and strongly encourage research collaboration opportunities with our Centre.

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