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Professor Ian Bishop

Topic & Interest Areas:

Spatial information management and visualisation


Professor Ian Bishop is an honorary Professorial Fellow in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, School of Engineering at The University of Melbourne. He also works as a consultant on aspects of spatial information management and visualisation through the Cooperative Research Centre for
Spatial Information.

Ian's first postgraduate degree was an M.Sc. in geophysics. His doctoral work involved mathematical modelling of landuse in a UK National Park. This led to interests over a wide range of computer applications in environmental assessment, planning and design. An initial academic appointment, in 1979, as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Environmental Studies at The University of Melbourne included contract based research in areas including computer based land-use planning, analysis of the visual impact of transmission lines, assessment of information system requirements and preparation of tender documents and performance tests for major computer systems in two State Government Departments. At that time, Ian increasingly focused on the application to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to landscape planning, particularly visual analysis, and GIS based visual simulation. This work was supported by research grants from the CSIRO, the Electrical Research Board and the Australian Research Council. In the summer of 1988 Ian joined Texas A&M University as an Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Information Technology in the College of Architecture. In Texas he developed further his interest and expertise in visualization technology supported by grants from the Institute for Innovation in Design and Engineering and the USDA Forest Service. Ian returned to the University of Melbourne in 1991 as Director of the Centre for GIS and Modelling. His research, in collaboration with colleagues in several disciplines, has been well supported by the Australian Research Council and industry. In 2008, Ian was appointed as Head of the Department of Geomatics. He also served as Associate Dean (Research Training) and was Chair of the Course Standing Committee for the new Bachelor of Environments degree in 2008-09. Ian
retired from the University at the end of 2009 but remains deeply involved, through graduate students and consulting work, in GIS and visualisation technologies and their potential to improve the management of natural resources and to contribute to public participation in planning and design issues.

Ian has published around 115 refereed articles and over 60 other conference papers in visualisation, systems modelling and integration, landscape perception and environmental decision support. International projects have included collaborative research in Thailand, South Africa and India.



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