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Online Theses

The following theses have been supervised or co-supervised by Professor Abbas Rajabifard. However, the copyright of all theses rests with the individual authors. The authors have agreed to have their thesis placed on the web site for teaching and research purposes.

Title Researcher Year
Building a Seamless SDI Model for Land and Marine Environments Dr.Sheelan Sheikheslami Vaez PhD Thesis- (2010)
The Integration of Multi-source Spatial Datasets
in the Context of SDI Initiatives
Dr.Hossein Mohammadi PhD Thesis- (2008)
Cadastral Data Modelling -
A Tool for e-Land Administration
Dr.Saeid Mohsen Kalantari Soltanieh PhD Thesis- (2008)
Property rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities: their Nature, Design and Management Dr.Rohan Bennett PhD Thesis- (2007)
A Local-State Government Spatial Data Sharing Partnership Model to Facilitate SDI Development Mr. Kevin McDougall PhD Thesis- (2007)
An SDI Model to include the Marine Environment Ms. Lisa Strain Master of Geomatic Engineering- (2006)
Expanding Rural Land Tenures to Alleviate Poverty Dr. Kate Dalrymple PhD Thesis- (2006)
Spatial Disaggredation of Economic Results using Stakeholder Input and Geo-Computation Dr. Daniel Paez PhD Thesis - (2005)
A Collaboration Model for National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Federated Countries Dr. Mathew Warnest PhD Thesis - (2004)
Defining a Marine Cadastre: Legal and Institutional Aspects Mr. Andrew Binns Master of Geomatic Engineering - (2004)
A Framework for the Evaluation of Land Administration Systems Dr. Daniel Steudler PhD Thesis - (2004)

Expanding the Spatial Data Infrastructure model to support spatial wireless applications

Dr. Jessica Davies PhD Thesis - (2004)
Principles for an Integrated Land Administration System to Support Sustainable Development Dr. Lisa Ting PhD Thesis - (2002)
The effect of adverse possession on part of a registered title land parcel Dr. Malcolm Park PhD thesis - (2003)
GIS applied to administrative boundary design Dr. Serryn Eagleson PhD thesis - (2003)
Diffusion of Regional Spatial Data Infrastructures: with particular reference to Asia and the Pacific Dr. Abbas Rajabifard PhD thesis - (2002)
A Cadastral Model for Low Value Lands - The NSW Western Lands Experience Mr. Paul Harcombe Master of Applied Science - (2001)
The effective implementation of GIS in Local Government using diffusion theory Mr. Phillip Dooley Master of Applied Science - (2001)
Spatial Cadastral Information Systems - The maintenance of digital cadastral maps Dr. Wolfgang Effenberg PhD Thesis (2001)
A Multi-Purpose Cadastre Prototype on the Web Mr. Sam Majid Masters of Geomatics Science by Research - (2000)
The Spatial Dimensions of Native Title Ms. Clare Brazenor Masters of Geomatics Science by Research - (2000)
Dispute Resolution for Customary Lands in Fiji Mz. Keresi Fonmanu Masters of Geomatics Science by Research - (1999)
A Metadata Management System for Web Based SDIs Mr. Andrew Phillips Masters of Geomatics Science by Research - (1998)
Digital Lodgement of Cadastral Survey Data in Victoria Ms. Katie Falzon Masters of Geomatics Science by Research - (1998)
Facilitating the use of cadastral data through the World Wide Web Mr. Iestyn Polley Masters of Geomatics Science by Research - (1998)
The Dynamics of Diffusion of Corporate GIS Dr. T.O. Chan PhD Thesis- (1998)




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