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Ecostrategy Wheel


Ecostrategy Wheel

Eco strategy Wheel is a tool to stimulate new ideas about how a product can become more environmentally benign. After identifying the risks of a product or service, the eco strategy wheel can be used to brainstorm new and improved solutions. The wheel consists of eight main areas including


(1) Optimize Function

Function optimization includes making sure that the product works really well and does not break down and wherever possible, it leverages the existing assets.

(2) Reducing Impacts during Use

As the title of this area  is self-explanatory, it stimulates the possible ideas to reduce the impacts of the product on environment or other infrastructures during its use.

(3) Reduce Diversity and Amount of Materials

This area stimulates the ideas to use minimum diversity and amount of materials in building the product.

(4) Choose the Right Material

This area stimulates ideas to utilize materials with lowest impact (e.g. non-toxic materials) which is also more durable and long-lasting.

(5) Optimize Life Time

This area of the wheel stimulates ideas to design for more durable, flexible products which require less maintenance or alteration.

(6) Optimize Production

This area stimulates ideas about better management regarding production of the product for minimization of its impacts.

(7) Optimize Waste Management

This area of the wheel focuses on understanding and controlling the waste management and treatment as the result of usage or disposal of the product.

(8) Optimize Distribution

This area of the wheel stimulates ideas about the product’s pricing and rationing and makes sure the asset is put to best use.


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